Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Wich I Make A Entrance

So, let me welcome you to my blog. In which i tell the tale of my not so incredible life with my extraordinary wits and shining personality. Soon my blog will become a hit and publishers will be at my door begging to make this into a novel. I don't really care about fame and fortune; though it wouldn't hurt. I do aspire to be an author though.

I suppose i'll tell you what you will have to endure if continue to read my blog. You ,my dear reader, will get to enjoy my tales of my lovely, but hopelessly one sided, romantic relationship with my fellow classmate, lack of social life, witty sarcasm, and let's not forget my family.
I hope that you can't wait to see when i laugh or when i cry. You get to enjoy the vivid descriptions of my crush's girlfriend. And lastly my poems. I guess i'll leave you here with one of my poems.

"Alone in my bed
with you in my head
thoughts running in my mind
to see what i might find

Wish i could tell myself
to put you on my shelf
i need to forget you
and my heart too

I was left in the cold
wish i could forget it and fold
i can't stand this game
or you and your stupid name

So I'm gone, I'm going
give me a boat and i'll start rowing
stay with your girlfriend
I've got a heart to mend

She says "Don't love, Don't cry"
Atleast i have a reason why
yet your at my door
everyday around four."

- "Untitled"

Cj aka The Dreamer

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